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Welcome to the definitive resource for information about how to fold intex air mattress with built in pump. Learning how to fold your Intex air mattress correctly is crucial for hassle-free storage and ensuring it stays in pristine condition. We’ll bring you through the procedure step-by-step in this comprehensive guide, complete with professional advice and insights.  Whether you’re a frequent camper or simply looking to declutter your living space, mastering the art of folding your Intex air mattress with a built-in pump is a game-changer. Let’s dive in and make storing your air mattress a breeze!

Gathering the Essential Materials for How to Fold Intex Air Mattress with Built in Pump

Before delving into the process of folding your Intex air mattress with a built-in pump, it’s crucial to ensure you have all the necessary materials at your disposal. This preliminary step sets the stage for a smooth and effective folding experience, promoting both convenience and longevity for your mattress.

A. List of Required Items

  • Intex Air Mattress with Built-in Pump: Of course, your Intex air mattress with its handy built-in pump is the most important component of this process. This versatile piece of equipment not only provides a comfortable sleeping surface but also streamlines the deflation process, making folding more manageable.
  • Clean and Dry Surface:  Get ready to fold the air mattress on a clean, dry surface. This guarantees that during the folding process, the mattress won’t come into contact with any possible moisture or dirt. A well-maintained surface contributes to the overall cleanliness and preservation of your mattress.

Deflating Your Intex Air Mattress: A Detailed Process

After gathering the required supplies, it’s time to start the vital process of deflating your Intex air mattress with an integrated pump. Proper deflation is essential for efficient folding and long-term storage. Let’s break down this process into two key components:

A. Use the Built-in Pump to Deflate the Mattress

Begin by locating the built-in pump on your Intex air mattress. Typically, it is conveniently integrated into the mattress for user-friendly operation. Turn on the pump and let the mattress gradually lose its air.

The built-in pump streamlines this part of the process, ensuring a quick and efficient reduction of air within the mattress.

Take a moment to observe the deflation progress. As the mattress decreases in size, the built-in pump continues to expel air, making the subsequent folding steps more manageable. The seamless integration of the pump simplifies the deflation process, making it accessible for users of all experience levels.

B. Ensure the Mattress is Fully Deflated Before Proceeding

Once the pump has completed its task, it’s crucial to double-check that the mattress is fully deflated before moving forward. To ensure that no trapped air pockets remain, gently press down on different parts of the mattress.

Ensuring full deflation is paramount for achieving a neat and compact fold later on. Pay attention to any areas that might still feel inflated, and press or massage those spots to release any lingering air. A fully deflated mattress sets the stage for a smooth and effective folding process, maximizing both storage space and the mattress’s lifespan.

Removing Excess Air: Fine-Tuning Your Intex Air Mattress Deflation

How to Fold Intex Air Mattress with Built in Pump

With your Intex air mattress now deflated, the next crucial step in preparing it for storage involves removing any lingering excess air. This methodical procedure guarantees an incredibly small and space-saving fold. Now let’s examine the specific procedures for eliminating extra air:

A. Press Down on the Mattress to Expel Any Remaining Air

To begin, apply gentle but firm pressure across the surface of the deflated mattress. This step helps expel any trapped air pockets that might persist even after using the built-in pump. Starting from one end, press down and gradually work your way to the other, focusing on areas that may feel slightly inflated.

Be attentive to the entire surface, paying special attention to seams or raised sections where air might linger. The goal is to achieve an evenly flattened surface, setting the stage for the subsequent folding process.

B. Fold the Mattress Horizontally to Assist in Air Removal

Once you’ve pressed down on the mattress, the next strategy involves horizontal folding. This technique aids in further expelling residual air and contributes to a more efficient removal process. Begin folding the mattress in half horizontally, aligning the edges carefully.

As you fold, continue applying gentle pressure to encourage any remaining air to escape. This horizontal folding method complements the pressing motion, ensuring a thorough removal of excess air throughout the mattress. The combination of pressing and folding optimizes the deflation process, leaving you with a mattress ready for the final stages of storage preparation.

Folding Your Intex Air Mattress Lengthwise: Crafting a Seamless Fold

How to Fold Intex Air Mattress with Built in Pump

With the excess air removed, the next pivotal step in preparing your Intex air mattress for storage involves a deliberate and careful lengthwise fold. This strategic folding method not only maximizes storage efficiency but also ensures a smooth and hassle-free unfolding when you’re ready to use the mattress again. Let’s delve into the detailed process:

A. Create a Neat and Even Fold Along the Length of the Mattress

Begin by identifying the length of your deflated Intex air mattress. With precision and care, fold one end of the mattress towards the center, creating a neat and even fold along its length. The goal is to maintain uniformity, aligning the edges accurately to achieve a straight and streamlined fold.

As you proceed with the lengthwise fold, be mindful of any seams or raised areas. Smooth out the surface to minimize wrinkles and ensure an even distribution of the mattress material. This meticulous approach contributes to the overall tidiness of your storage solution.

B. Smooth Out Any Wrinkles or Uneven Areas

Once you’ve completed the lengthwise fold, take a moment to assess the mattress’s surface. After folding, smooth down any creases or uneven spots that may have developed. This step is crucial for preventing creases and ensuring a compact and well-maintained fold.

Gently run your hands over the surface of the folded mattress, paying attention to any areas that may require additional attention. By addressing wrinkles and unevenness at this stage, you’re not only optimizing the storage efficiency but also preserving the integrity of the mattress material.

Rolling Your Intex Air Mattress: The Art of Efficient Storage

How to Fold Intex Air Mattress with Built in Pump

Having achieved a neat and even lengthwise fold, the next critical step in optimizing the storage of your Intex air mattress involves rolling it tightly and compactly. This process not only minimizes the footprint of your mattress but also facilitates easy handling and retrieval when needed. Let’s delve into the detailed steps for rolling your Intex air mattress effectively:

A. Start Rolling the Mattress from One End to the Other

Starting at one end of the nicely folded Intex air mattress, roll the mattress. Begin the roll with a firm and controlled motion, ensuring that the edges stay aligned during this pivotal step. The goal is to create a tight and uniform roll that maintains the integrity of the initial lengthwise fold.

As you progress, maintain an even pressure throughout the roll to prevent any unevenness or bulging. Consistency is key in achieving a well-rolled mattress that’s primed for efficient storage.

B. Ensure a Tight and Compact Roll for Efficient Storage

The success of the rolling process hinges on achieving a tight and compact roll. Make sure the mattress material is tightly wound by paying special attention to the tension while rolling. A tight roll not only conserves storage space but also minimizes the risk of wrinkles or creases in the mattress material. To ensure consistency, check the roll frequently for any anomalies and make any necessary adjustments. The end result should be a compact cylinder that reflects the meticulous effort invested in the folding and rolling process.

Securing Your Neatly Folded Intex Air Mattress: A Finishing Touch

With your Intex air mattress expertly rolled, the final step before storage involves securing it to maintain its meticulously folded shape. This gives an extra layer of protection during storage and also stops accidental unfolding. Let’s delve into the detailed process of securing your neatly folded Intex air mattress:

A. Use Included Straps or a Storage Bag If Available

Many Intex air mattresses come equipped with convenient straps or a dedicated storage bag for this purpose. If your mattress includes these accessories, utilize them to streamline the securing process. Straps are designed to wrap around the rolled mattress, holding it in place and preventing any accidental unrolling.

If your Intex air mattress doesn’t come with specific straps or a storage bag, consider using alternative options like bungee cords or durable fabric bands. The key is to secure the rolled mattress tightly to maintain its shape during storage.

B. Securely Fasten to Maintain the Folded Shape

Once you’ve positioned the straps or chosen alternative securing options, securely fasten them around the rolled mattress. Pay attention to the tension applied, ensuring that the mattress remains tightly bound. This step is crucial for preventing any shifting or unwinding during storage, preserving the efficiency of your neatly folded mattress.

If you’re using a storage bag, place the rolled mattress inside and zip it securely. The bag adds another level of defense against potential damage during storage, dust, and moisture.

Properly Storing Your Intex Air Mattress: Ensuring Longevity and Readiness

How to Fold Intex Air Mattress with Built in Pump

As you’ve successfully secured your neatly folded Intex air mattress, the final chapter of this storage journey involves choosing an appropriate storage location and implementing measures to safeguard its pristine condition. Proper storage not only prolongs the lifespan of your mattress but also ensures that it’s ready for use whenever the need arises. Let’s delve into the detailed steps for properly storing your Intex air mattress:

A. Choose a Cool, Dry Storage Location

Setting up the ideal atmosphere is the first step toward optimal storage. Choose a cool and dry location for storing your Intex air mattress. The integrity of the mattress material may be compromised by mold or mildew that grows as a result of excessive heat and humidity. A cool, dry space minimizes the risk of these issues and preserves the mattress’s overall quality.

Think about keeping the mattress in a designated storage space, beneath a bed, or in a closet.

 If you’re utilizing a storage bag, ensure that the bag is made from breathable material to prevent moisture buildup inside.

B. Avoid Placing Heavy Items on Top of the Folded Mattress

Once you’ve identified an appropriate storage spot, exercise caution in the placement of other items in the same area. Keep the folded Intex air mattress neatly folded and don’t place heavy objects on top of it.  While the mattress is designed to withstand normal wear and tear, heavy objects can exert unnecessary pressure, potentially causing deformation or damage.

By keeping the storage area free from heavy items, you ensure that the folded mattress retains its shape and structure. This small but crucial step contributes to the longevity of your Intex air mattress, allowing it to maintain its optimal condition for future use.

Final Checks and Tips: Ensuring Longevity and Readiness

As you conclude the process of folding and securing your Intex air mattress, it’s time for a series of final checks and additional tips to guarantee its optimal condition during storage and longevity for future use. Let’s delve into these crucial steps:

A. Inspect the Folded Mattress for Any Visible Issues

Before finalizing the storage, take a moment to inspect the neatly folded Intex air mattress. Look for any visible issues such as tears, punctures, or signs of wear that may have occurred during the folding and securing process. By taking care of these problems right away, you can make sure that your mattress is ready for use again soon.

Feel the surface with your hands, observing the edges and seams. Smooth out any potential wrinkles or creases that might have formed during the folding and rolling stages. This meticulous inspection contributes to the overall longevity and performance of your air mattress.

B. Provide Additional Tips for Extending the Lifespan of the Air Mattress

In addition to the folding and securing process, consider implementing these additional tips to extend the lifespan of your Intex air mattress:

  • Regular Inspection: Periodically check your stored air mattress for any issues, ensuring it’s ready for use when needed.
  • Ventilation: If storing for an extended period, occasionally expose the mattress to fresh air to prevent mustiness.
  • Steer Clear of Direct Sunlight: The material of the mattress may deteriorate over time if it is left in the sun.
  • Temperature Control: Choose a storage location with consistent and moderate temperatures to prevent extremes that may affect the material.
  • Use a Mattress Protector: Consider using a mattress protector or cover to shield the folded mattress from dust and potential damage.

By incorporating these additional tips into your storage routine, you’re not only preserving the integrity of your Intex air mattress but also ensuring that it remains a reliable and comfortable sleep option for years to come.


In conclusion, mastering the art of folding your Intex air mattress with a built-in pump is a simple yet impactful way to optimize storage space and ensure the longevity of your sleep investment. From deflation to securing and storage, these steps are designed to keep your mattress in top-notch condition. By incorporating these techniques into your routine, you not only enhance the efficiency of your storage but also contribute to the overall durability and performance of your Intex air mattress. Enjoy the convenience of a neatly folded mattress, ready for a comfortable night’s sleep whenever you need it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to fold intex air mattress with built in pump efficiently?

Answer:  Efficiently folding your Intex air mattress with a built-in pump involves deflating it with the pump, pressing down to remove excess air, and neatly folding it lengthwise. Store in a dry, cool area after firmly rolling and securing with straps or a bag. Regular inspections maintain longevity.

Q2. How do I fold my Intex air mattress with a built-in pump?

Answer: Learn the step-by-step process from deflation to securing with our guide. It ensures efficient folding for space optimization and mattress longevity.

Q3. Are there specific straps for securing the folded mattress?

Answer: Yes, many Intex mattresses come with included straps. If not, alternatives like bungee cords work well. Ensuring a tight and secure roll is crucial.

Q4. Can I use a regular bag for storage?

Answer: Yes, but it’s advisable to use a storage bag if available. It provides an additional degree of defense from dust and possible harm while being stored.

Q5. How often should I inspect my folded mattress?

Answer: Regularly inspect your stored air mattress for any visible issues, ensuring it’s ready for use. Periodic ventilation helps prevent mustiness.

Q6. What additional tips ensure the longevity of my air mattress?

Answer: Consider using a mattress protector, avoid direct sunlight, and store in a location with consistent temperatures. These tips contribute to prolonged mattress durability.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.