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Curious minds often wonder, “What was the first LEGO Star Wars set?” Delving into the iconic partnership between LEGO and Star Wars unveils a fascinating journey. This article navigates through the inception, design, and impact of the inaugural LEGO Star Wars set, shedding light on its pivotal role in shaping the beloved franchise. Join us as we embark on a nostalgic trip to discover what was the first Lego Star Wars set and its lasting influence on fans worldwide.

A Brief History of What Was the First LEGO Star Wars Set

To understand how these two beloved brands came together, we must first explore their individual histories. Ole Kirk Christiansen established the LEGO Group in Denmark in 1932 with an emphasis on wooden toys. It wasn’t until 1958 that the modern plastic bricks were introduced, revolutionizing the world of construction toys. Since then, LEGO has become a household name and a staple in many childhoods, with a wide range of themes and sets catering to various interests and age groups.

On the other side of the galaxy, George Lucas created Star Wars in 1977, forever changing the landscape of science fiction films. With its vibrant characters, epic battles, and intricate universe, Star Wars captured the hearts of millions and became a cultural phenomenon. The franchise has expanded to include books, comics, video games, and of course, merchandise.

History of LEGO Star Wars Collaboration

The very foundation of LEGO Star Wars stands on the intersection of space sagas and the beloved Danish toy company. Far, far away from the glittering celebrity status it held today, the collaboration between LEGO and Star Wars was once an idea resting in the diorama of possibility.

Formation of the Partnership Between LEGO and Star Wars

The humble beginnings of this iconic collaboration touching on Luke Skywalker’s planet of Tatooine were built on the premise that the Force would be strong with these toys. When the news of LEGO being able to recreate the entire Star Wars universe in intricate detail reached fan galaxies, excitement reached a crescendo.

Initial Challenges and Negotiations

The path wasn’t without its asteroid fields. LEGO had to be as diplomatic as Amidala herself to secure the rights to produce Star Wars-themed sets. The undertaking was monumental – not just in terms of negotiation, but also in promising quality and retaining the essence of the Star Wars experience in every brick.

Launch of the First LEGO Star Wars Set

The moment that Lego enthusiasts had eagerly anticipated had finally come to pass. The glowing ember of the Star Wars brand, already beloved by many, found an innovative and exciting new medium through LEGO. This partnership was about to breathe new life into the franchise, with the first set promising to be the spark that would ignite a whole new level of fandom and creativity. Fans around the world waited with bated breath, knowing that this collaboration was poised to become a pivotal moment in the history of both LEGO and Star Wars merchandise.

Unveiling the First LEGO Star Wars Set

Anticipation hung as heavy as a Star Destroyer, and when the veil of secrecy was lifted, the world witnessed a construction more exciting than the coming together of the Death Star’s superlaser.

  • Announcement and Anticipation: The galaxy shivered with palpable excitement when the groundbreaking news of the first LEGO Star Wars set reached fan communiqués across the universe. This wasn’t just another toy release; it was a monumental moment for both LEGO and Star Wars communities. The thirst for brick-built X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and every imaginably iconic vehicle from the sprawling saga would finally be quenched. Fans speculated, dreamed, and eagerly awaited the moment they could hold a piece of the galaxy far, far away in their own hands.
  • Design and Development Process: The journey to crafting the first LEGO Star Wars set was a meticulous process that sought the perfect balance between precision construction and imaginative playability. A team of skilled LEGO builders, passionate Star Wars aficionados, and Lucasfilm consultants collaborated closely. They poured over every detail, ensuring that each minifigure, spacecraft, and set piece was as true to the source material as possible, down to the smallest details on the ships and the character nuances of the minifigures. This dedication ensured that the essence of Star Wars was captured, not just in appearance but in the spirit of adventure it inspired.
  • Release Date and Initial Reception: The D-day for Star Wars fans and LEGO enthusiasts alike was an event of epic proportions, marked by long queues wrapping around stores, websites crashing under the weight of online demand, and a collective sense of stepping into a larger world. The reaction was extraordinary when the first set was eventually placed on the stores. Thunderous applause echoed in stores as fans clamored to get their hands on the sets. Reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with many noting how the LEGO sets managed to capture the epic proportions and the intricate details of the saga it hailed from. The initial reception was a testament to the enduring love for both LEGO and Star Wars, and a promise of the many adventures that lay ahead for fans of all ages.

Detailed Analysis of the First LEGO Star Wars Set

For those not there to witness the release, the first LEGO Star Wars set was more than just a stack of bricks – it was a token of fandom, an emblem that bridged galaxies far, far away to where we built them.

  • Set Name and Number: The inaugural set in the series was released under the serial designation ‘7140,’ yet it is more commonly and affectionately known by a name that echoes throughout the annals of science fiction history: the ‘X-Wing Fighter.’ This moniker has become synonymous with rebellion, adventure, and hope against overwhelming odds.
  • Description of Included Characters and Vehicles: Seated within the cockpit of the X-wing, the essence of a World War II fighter pilot seamlessly merges with the fantastical elements of the Star Wars universe. This blend of historical heroism with futuristic lore is epitomized by the inclusion of R2-D2, who serves not just as the astromech droid companion but as the very embodiment of loyalty and steadfast duty. His unwavering commitment to Luke Skywalker is illustratively linked with the enduring partnership of LEGO and the Star Wars brand, crafting a narrative that transcends generations.
  • Unique Features and Elements: The set distinguished itself with several noteworthy features beyond the inclusion of iconic minifigures. It boasted retractable landing gear, adjustable wings for combat and flight modes, and a distinctive shade of red on its S-foils that not only added to its visual appeal but also signified a new hope in the era of LEGO Star Wars sets. These elements combined to create a more immersive and dynamic play experience, capturing the imagination of fans worldwide.
  • Comparisons to Subsequent Sets in the Series: As the LEGO Star Wars series expanded, sets that followed the debut encountered the challenge of higher iteration numbers, each striving to surpass the last in detail and complexity. The first X-Wing Fighter set, with its simpler build and less detailed figures, may seem crude by today’s standards. Nonetheless, it serves as evidence of LEGO’s innovative spirit in their venture into the Star Wars universe. It’s a macrobinocular view across the chasm of time, reminding us of the humble beginnings from which current and future iterations have evolved, each set building upon the legacy of its predecessors to capture the hearts of new generations of fans.

Impact and Legacy

In assessing the legacy of the first LEGO Star Wars set, one must chart the meteoric rise in sales figures and the warp-speed integration into popular culture.

Sales and Commercial Success

The initial sales figures for the LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Fighter are shrouded in mystery as the death star plans. What is certain is that this set, heralding the largest and most successful LEGO theme to date, was instrumental in single-handedly defending the LEGO galaxy from recession.

Influence on Pop Culture and Fanbase

The LEGO Star Wars sets reached a demographic further than Luke Skywalker’s galaxy. They didn’t just resonate with kids; they straddled generations, inspiring building sessions that morphed into family events and lessons on creativity.

Evolution of LEGO Star Wars Sets Over Time

As the Star Wars storylines evolved or convoluted, depending on fan debate, so too did the LEGO sets. The X-Wing Fighter had its various rebirths, each iteration embodying advancements in design, spatial accuracy, and the increasingly sophisticated LEGO building techniques.


As we bid farewell to our exploration of “What was the first LEGO Star Wars set,” it’s evident that its significance transcends mere bricks and minifigures. This inaugural set not only marked the beginning of a legendary collaboration but also ignited a spark in the hearts of fans across generations. Its long history is proof of the storytelling magic and the power of imagination. We celebrate its beginnings and look forward to many more adventures in the ever-expanding LEGO Star Wars universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What was the first Lego star wars set ever made?

Answer: The initial LEGO Star Wars set, launched in 1999, carries the designation ‘7140’. This particular set is more widely recognized as the ‘X-Wing Fighter’ set, marking a significant moment in the collaboration between LEGO and the Star Wars franchise. This set not only captivated the hearts of LEGO and Star Wars enthusiasts alike but also set the stage for a whole new era of themed LEGO sets, combining intricate design with the beloved lore of the Star Wars universe.

Q2: Who designed the first Lego star wars set?

Answer: The design and development process of the inaugural LEGO Star Wars set represented a unique fusion of creativity and passion, involving a dedicated collaborative effort between skilled LEGO builders and devoted Star Wars aficionados. This partnership aimed to meticulously capture the essence of the Star Wars universe within the versatile medium of LEGO bricks, ensuring that fans could recreate their favorite scenes and characters with a high level of detail and accuracy.

Q3: Why was the first Lego star wars set significant?

Answer: The first LEGO Star Wars set marked the beginning of a successful collaboration and ignited a spark in the hearts of fans across generations. It also established the standard for subsequent sets, which are now highly prized as collectibles.  Overall, it holds great significance in both LEGO and Star Wars history.  So, it’s like a dream come true for fans of both brands.

Q4: How has the first Lego star wars set influenced popular culture?

Answer: The LEGO Star Wars kits have expanded their audience beyond youngsters and have become an essential component of popular culture. They’ve sparked fan gatherings like conventions and exhibitions, as well as creativity and family time.

Q5: What unique features did the first Lego star wars set have?

Answer: The first LEGO Star Wars set had several unique features, including retractable landing gear, adjustable wings for combat and flight modes, and a distinctive shade of red on its S-foils. It also included iconic minifigures such as Luke Skywalker and R2-D2.  These components contributed to the play experience’s dynamism and immersion.  With these features, it quickly became a fan favorite and set the standard for future sets in the series.

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Personal Experience: Having followed the LEGO Star Wars series since its inception, the excitement of building my first X-Wing Fighter LEGO set remains a cherished memory. The thrill of piecing together a replica of a ship that introduced me to the vastness of space remained unmatched. Hearing the snap of bricks fitting perfectly together felt akin to the Force guiding my hands, instilling a sense of accomplishment I’ve since shared with many others through the vast assortment of LEGO and Star Wars collectibles.

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