How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Speaker

How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Speaker

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How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Speaker
How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Speaker

Turning on the speaker:

Utilizing voice prompts: Certain models of Insignia Bluetooth speakers offer voice prompts that provide information about battery levels when requested.

How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Speaker
  • Unlock your device and go to the home screen.
  • See the Settings” app, which is generally represented by the gear icon.
  • Tap on the “Settings” app to open it.
  • In the Settings menu, scroll below or search for the “Bluetooth” option.
  • Touch on “Bluetooth” for opening the Bluetooth settings.
  • When you’re in the Bluetooth settings, switch ON the toggle or button labeled “Bluetooth” to activate it.
  • Your device will start scanning for near Bluetooth gadget, including your Insignia speaker.
How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Speaker
How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Speaker
  • Open the settings menu on your device.
  • Looking for the “Bluetooth” or “Connections” option and tapping on it to access the Bluetooth settings.
  • Make sure that your Bluetooth is turned ON.
  • Your device will initiate an automatic scan for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  • From the list of discovered Bluetooth devices on your device, locate and tap on the entry corresponding to “Insignia” or “Insignia Speaker.”
  • If prompted, enter a passkey or PIN code provided with the speaker documentation or try using a default code like 0000 or 1234 (if applicable).
  • Wait some time for your device to set up a connection with the Insignia speaker.
  • Once connected successfully, you should see a confirmation message or indicator that shows you are now paired with or connected to the Insignia speaker.
  • Test out the connection by playing audio through your device – it should now be projected through the paired Insignia speaker.
  •  Keep your speaker and paired device within close proximity for optimal signal strength.
  •  Minimize barriers between them such as walls or objects that may intervene with the signal.
  •  Avoid placing other electronic devices or sources of interference near the speakers or connected devices.
  •  Check for firmware updates for both your connected device (phone, tablet, etc.) and the Insignia Bluetooth speaker itself.
How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Speaker


Q1: How do I activate Bluetooth on my device?

A1: Navigate to your device settings, locate Bluetooth, and enable the functionality. Ensure your device is Bluetooth-enabled.

Q2: How do I put my Insignia speaker in pairing mode?

A2: Power on the speaker, find the Bluetooth or Pairing button, and press until you see a flashing light or hear a specific sound cue.

Q3: What if my devices fail to pair?

A3: Restart both the speaker and your device, ensure they are in pairing mode, and attempt the process again.

Q4: How can I troubleshoot audio quality issues?

A4: Check for obstructions, maintain proximity, and verify that both devices are in the mentioned Bluetooth range.

Q5: What should I do if the connection drops?

A5: Update firmware on both devices, ensure they are in close proximity, and perform a Bluetooth reset if issues persist.

Q6: How do I test the connection after pairing?

A6: Play a sample audio on your device to confirm successful pairing. Adjust volume and settings as needed for the optimal audio experience.

Q7: Can I customize settings on my Insignia speaker?

A7: Yes, explore volume controls, equalizer modes, and other settings on both your device and the Insignia speaker.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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