Best Sous Vide Turkey – Top 10 Models in 2022

Making a new item or upgrading the old one by adding using a better product is not new to the market. People like it better when they get what they want and on time. The same case is with the Sous Vide Turkey.

Consequently, you may want to find the Best Sous Vide Turkey for your work. Don’t worry; you are in the right place to get the right reviews and comparisons. We will introduce to you the products that stand out and at the same time, we will show how they differ.

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Comparison Chart for Top Sous Vide Turkey

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Our Recommendation on the 10 Best Sous Vide Turkey

1. Sous Vide Bags Kit for Anova and Joule Cookers,30 Reusable BPA Free Food Vacuum Sealed Bags,1 Hand Pump,4 sealing clips, 4 sous vide bag clips, Easy to Use, Practical for Food


  • If there is any problem with the product, please contact us, we will provide a free replacement or a full refund.
  • Vacuum Bags are not recommended to store the food with sharp edges such as bones or the food with too much water or with powder (e.g. flour) in case the air valve is damaged.
  • Economical and Practical: includes everything you need for Sous Vide Cooking – 1 hand pump,10 vacuum sealed bags (26x34cm), 10vacuum sealed bags(21x22cm)10vacuum sealed bags (26x28cm),4 Sous Vide Bag Clips,4 sealing clips
  • Instant Marinating: Place food such as meat inside the Vacuum Bag with your favourite marinade and then vacuum seal – the vacuum process opens the pores in the meat which allows the marinade to penetrate more quickly allowing you to achieve amazing in results in a fraction of the time.
  • Vacuum Hand Pump is an innovative portable home vacuum device used to keep food fresh for longer, maintain flavour, and save money by reducing food wastage. It can be used for cooked and uncooked foods including meats, fish and sea-foods, cheese, pasta, pastry, snacks and biscuits, nuts, seeds, sushi and much more. For use with specially designed bags!

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2. Sous Vide Container with Lid 11 Liter/12 Quarts for Virtually All Immersion Circulators Cookers Crystal Clear Transparent Polycarbonate Accessories Kit (12 Quats with Lid)


  • Perfece Family Size of 11 Liter/12 quarts, Exactly the Right Height – 8 Inch – for Usage with the Immersion Circulators.
  • Be Attention – This set of accessories can suit for most sous vide machines, but just in case, please confirm the suitability of your machine according to the size of pre-cut hole before purchasing.
  • Complete sous vide essential accessories, suit for Virtually All Immersion Circulators Cookers
  • Made from Crystal Clear/Transparent Hard Polycarbonate, very strong and sturdy. And it resists heat very well, so that can help keep even water temperature and prevent water evaporation.
  • High temperature tolerance from -40 to 210 F for the water bath, cooling and even freezing.

Additional Info:

Color Clear

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3. Sous Vide: Better Home Cooking: A Cookbook

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4. Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Plastic Space Saving Square Food Storage Container for Kitchen/Sous Vide/Food Prep, 12 Quart, Clear


  • Lid not available for FG631200CLR.
  • DESIGNED FOR SAVING SPACE: Square containers store up to 25% more on a shelf than round containers, providing compact storage for your busy kitchen
  • NATIONAL SANITATION FOUNDATION APPROVED: NSF 3-A meat and poultry equipment and NSF 2-certified
  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: Made of FDA compliant materials, this food storage container is dishwasher safe and able to withstand temperatures from -40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • LIDS AVAILABLE: Lid not included. Compatible with lids: FG652300wht, 1980307, 1980308, 1980309, 1980310, and 1980311
  • QUALITY ENGINEERING: Its commercial grade, break-resistant, polycarbonate material allows for greater durability, product visibility, and a smooth surface, allowing for easy cleaning. Note: There is no lid for the product
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Product dimensions are 11.3″ x 10.5″ x 7.75″, capacity of 12 Quarts/3 Gallons
  • IDEAL FOR SOUS VIDE: The high heat threshold and strong innovative design has made this the sous vide immersion cooking container on
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR: Onions, broccoli, sweet potatoes, avocados, apples, oranges
  • MANY USE CONTAINER: While perfect for storing any food, these containers are also great for brining or marinating meats, as well as dry storage of cereals, rice, pasta, or trail mixes

Additional Info:

Color Clear
Height 7.75
Width 10.5
Length 11.31
Weight 1.5

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5. Sous Vide Cookbook with Pictures for Beginners 2022: Delicious Recipes for Perfectly Cooked Meals

Additional Info:

Height 11
Width 0.2
Length 8.5

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6. Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide Precision Cooker, 1000 Watts | Anova App Included, Black and Silver & Sous Vide Cooker Cooking container, Holds Up to 16L of Water, With Removable Lid and Rack


  • Product 2: PUT A LID ON IT: Constructed of food-grade polycarbonate and utilizing a silicon sealed lid ensures no steam escapes your cook while maintaining maximum heat retention. This means virtually no water loss to evaporation and even more precise temperatures during your sous vide cook.
  • Product 2: EASY TO USE: Simply fill your Anova Precision Cooker Container with water, attach your sous vide circulator to the container, place or clip your sealed bag of food beneath the integrated wire rack, and you’re ready to cook.
  • Product 2: USE WITH ANY SOUS VIDE: The flexible silicon lid collar allows for the use of nearly any “wand” style sous vide circulator in the Anova Precision Cooking Container.
  • Product 1: WHAT TO COOK: Sous vide cooking guarantees the perfect level of doneness for nearly any food of your choosing. Chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, beef, lamb, pork and more are all ideal candidates for sous vide circulation. The ability to lock in flavor and moisture during the cooking process results in texture and taste that is second to none. Temperature Accuracy is +/- 0.1˚C (0.2˚F)
  • Product 1: PERFECT RESULTS EVERY TIME: Never over or undercook your food again. The Anova Precision Cooker sous vide (pronounced “sue-veed”) circulates water at the exact temperature required for perfectly cooked meals, no matter what’s on your menu. Use the Anova App to access thousands of free recipes and monitor your cook from anywhere via your smartphone.
  • Product 2: PURPOSE BUILT FOR SOUS VIDE: Combining a curved body shape that encourages superior water circulation with a silicon sealed lid, an integrated wire rack, and a raised base, the Anova Precision Cooker Container was designed specifically with sous vide in mind. Rest assured you’re cooking with the best.
  • Product 1: NEW AND IMPROVED: Now with more power, faster heat up times, and improved WiFi connection all in a smaller and more durable body, the Anova Precision Cooker is the perfect option for any home chef. It easily attaches to any stock pot or container with a fully adjustable clamp, and is water resistant for when accidents happen in the kitchen.
  • Product 1: EASY TO USE: Simply attach the Precision Cooker to your own pot or container, fill the pot or container with water, add your food in a sealed bag, and cook manually with the built-in controls or with the Anova App.

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7. Sous Vide Bags 20pack Reusable Vacuum Food Storage Bags with 3 Sizes Vacuum Food Bags,1 Hand Pump,4 Sealing Clips for Food Storage and Sous Vide Cooking


  • Sous Vide Bags:Comes with small/medium/large sizes(8.2’’x8.7’’,10.2’’x11’’,10.2’’x13.4’’), 1 hand pump and 4 sealing clips. Ideal reusable vacuum food storage bags for storing different food.
  • Guarrantee: Vaccum food bags keep your food fresh 5 times longer than other traditional storage methods. 24 hour online service available to resolve any issues. We guarantee a full refund or free replacement for 30 days.
  • Safety sous vide cooking bag kit: Made from food grade plastic which are safe for freezing, microwave, or cooking at higher temperatures. Great quality ensure you can use all the items for many times.
  • Easy to use and store: You just place your food items in the reusable food storage bag,seal the top with the clips provided,then attach the pump on the air valve pump it up and down until the air has been removed from the bag.Writing down food storing and expiry dates then store in fridge or anyother places correctly. Easy to clean with dish soap and warm water then store it in a clean and dry place before using again.
  • Multipurpose: This sous vide bag can be used not only for food storage (meat,fish,vegetable,fruits,seafood,nuts or other solid and semi-solid food etc),but also for other precious items like camera,books to protect against moisture.

Additional Info:

Color Blue Kit
Height 0.1
Width 0.1
Length 0.2

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8. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Bags for Extra Large Items, Rolls for Custom Fit Airtight Food Storage and Sous Vide, 11″ x 16′ (Pack of 2)


  • Multi-ply material prevents freezer burn
  • Create your own custom sized rolls
  • No mess storage
  • Simmer and microwave safe
  • 2 pack 11-inch x 16-foot rolls
  • BPA free
  • Pleated heat-seal roll expands to fit extra large items
  • Specially designed channels block oxygen and moisture to maximize air removal
  • Easy storage for extra large items
  • 11″ x 16′ expandable roll

Additional Info:

Color Clear
Height 5
Width 11.9
Length 2.5
Weight 1.5

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9. EVERIE Sous Vide Container 12 Quart with Collapsible Hinged Lid Compatible with Breville Joule Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Cooker (Side Mount)


  • Compatible with Breville Joule only.
  • Minimum Water Evaporation – Cook long time even over night without having to refill water.
  • Collapsible Lid – The hinge is close to the machine giving enough space to check or refill or remove ingredients any time. Please check the image of the notice of installation to make sure the lid fits.
  • Everie Sous Vide Bundle – 12 Quart container and lid with side mount hole to snugly mount Breville Joule cooker to the container. Does not fit Anova or other brands sous vide cookers. Hole diameter 48mm/1.89″
  • No Clamps Required – The lid fits to the container snugly to clamps the sealed bags to stop it from swimming in the bath, no additional clamps required.

Additional Info:

Color Container with lid
Height 8.267716527
Width 11.81102361
Length 12.992125971

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10. SousVide Supreme Universal Sous Vide Rack | Stainless Steel Divider for Sous Vide Machines | Keeps Food Storage Bags Separate in Water Oven | 3 Different Positions for Various Sizes Sous Vide Bags


  • DURABLE AND WELL CONSTRUCTED – SousVide Supreme’s stainless steel cooking rack is made from premium materials designed specifically for water cooking. This sous vide cooking rack won’t rust, stain or corrode. This sous vide accessory is a must-have.
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN – While this sous vide cooking rack is made specifically for SousVide Supreme products, this stainless steel rack can be used for other types of sous vide machines. It can fit in a separate container with an immersion circulator. Sous vide cooking rack size: 7 L x 7 W x 7 H inches.
  • PERFECT FOR DIFFERENT POUCH SHAPES AND SIZES – SousVide Supreme’s sous vide cooking rack can be used in 3 different positions that let you accommodate food pouches of different sizes.
  • LEVEL UP YOUR SOUS VIDE COOKING – Designed to maximize the number of portions in your water oven, the SousVide Supreme Universal Sous Vide Rack is also great for keeping your sous vide pouches from floating and leaving your food half cooked.
  • ORGANIZE YOUR SOUS VIDE BAGS FOR EVEN COOKING – The Universal water cooking rack is a food divider that lets you arrange your food pouches horizontally or vertically. This allows for proper circulation of water and ensures even cooking.

Additional Info:

Color Stainless Steel
Height 7
Width 7
Length 7
Weight 19.5

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Best Sous Vide Turkey Buying Guide

The selection of Sous Vide Turkey is a very crucial decision that should not be taken lightly. You can spend countless hours searching forums, reading Sous Vide Turkey Reviews and talking to friends. If you choose the wrong one, a different version of Sous Vide Turkey might not only be ineffective but also costly. Here are the key variables to consider when you are searching for the Best Sous Vide Turkey.


Specifications are the primary problem-solvers for you. As technology, processes and other aspects change the Sous Vide Turkey should continue to evolve. The truth is that you can’t expect a new Sous Vide Turkey to perform life-time as this is as good as expecting a human to live forever. You should look for the ones that offer you better coverage, more durability, and higher performance.

Old or Latest Model:

In today’s fast-paced world, technology is always changing and the Sous Vide Turkey should be updated accordingly to meet the modern consumer’s needs. For instance, it makes no sense for Sous Vide Turkey that has just come out to be better than the one that was released five years ago.

You can find many high-performance variations of the product that are the latest models. If you want to be sure that you are purchasing the Best Sous Vide Turkey available, go for the newest model.

Value for Money:

When you are purchasing Sous Vide Turkey, it is never advisable to buy the cheapest one available. It doesn’t matter how much money you save if it is not effective or even usable. You should try and look for the Sous Vide Turkey that offers good value for money. This will ensure that it performs well during your daily tasks and also supply you with the best service.

Positive Ratings:

These ratings will impart to you how satisfied their customers are with Sous Vide Turkey, overall. As people are different, you might find that some of these products do not work well for you. You might also find one that really exceeds your expectations and makes a noticeable difference in productivity.

Negative Ratings:

It is always advisable to check the negative ratings of Sous Vide Turkey before you make your purchase. These ratings will give you valuable insight on how customers feel about various aspects of their experience with this company. This includes shipping, premium quality and customer service. You should look for companies that have very few or no negative ratings at all.

Delivery Time:

The delivery time of Sous Vide Turkey is also another key consideration to take into account. What good is it to buy the Top Sous Vide Turkey if you wait weeks or even months for it to be delivered? There are many companies that have improved their shipping facilities and offer various modes of shipment including express deliveries.

Delivery Cost:

The cost of delivery of Sous Vide Turkey is also another important consideration. The last thing you want to do is spend more on the cost of shipping than your actual purchase. This would be a huge loss especially if the company charges high rates for transportation. There are many companies that offer free deliveries and some even offer express deliveries at great costs.


The warranty of Sous Vide Turkey is very crucial as it protects you from being defrauded. Many companies offer limited warranties that only last a few days or weeks. You should look for one that offers a comprehensive warranty with at least 1 month of coverage.

Return Policy:

The return policy of Sous Vide Turkey is also a key factor to consider. This policy should be liberal enough so that you can return the Sous Vide Turkey if it doesn’t meet your standards or simply change your mind. You should ensure that it doesn’t take more than a day or two for them to accept the returned Sous Vide Turkey.

After Sale Service:

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing Sous Vide Turkey is the after sale service. The truth is that many companies offer poor after sales services or simply ignore your calls and emails. You should look for one that provides efficient after sales services to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.


All the products are excellent in their own ways, but they might not be suited for your specific needs. You should check the details of every Sous Vide Turkey before making a purchase to ensure you make the right decision.

Using the Best Sous Vide Turkey, you can be assured of a great experience. We hope this guide helps you find a great Sous Vide Turkey.

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